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Small Group Health & Dental & Vision Insurance

We work with companies from 2-100 employees.  In order to quote, we will need a census with all employee and dependent names, relationship, dates of birth and home zip codes, preferably in an MS Excel spreadsheet. It is helpful to know if you are interested in PPO, HMO, HSA or all options.  Employers are required to contribute toward the employee premium.  As an employer, you can reduce employee turnover through increased employee morale simply by adding a group health (and dental and/or vision) insurance plan as an employee benefit.  

Life Insurance - Individual & Small Group

Term Life, Universal Life & Whole Life are popular options.  Premiums can vary widely based on the type of policy, your personal and family health history, your hobbies, your age, if you smoke and other factors. 

Senior Care Insurance San Jose
Life Insurance San Jose

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