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Flood Insurance
Flood Insurance San Jose

Flood insurance covers losses to your property caused by flooding. Some of the things a standard flood policy will cover include:

  • structural damage
  • furnace, water heater and air conditioner
  • flood debris clean up
  • floor surfaces such as carpeting and tile

You can also buy a flood insurance policy to cover the contents of your home, such as furniture, collectibles, clothing, jewelry and artwork.

Policies are available in three forms: Dwelling (most homes), General Property (apartments and businesses), and Residential Condominium Building Association (condominiums).

If you have a federally backed mortgage on a home located in a high-risk flood zone, federal law requires you to purchase flood insurance. Also, if you've received a federal grant for previous flood losses, you must have a flood insurance policy to qualify for future aid.

To protect against flooding in a non-hazardous aka preferred flood zone, you can usually purchase a quality flood policy for a nominal cost. You can learn more about flood Myths vs. Facts by watching the short video below.

Myth vs Fact

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